Kumari K. Roopa Gayatri is an artistic, lively and physically fit dancer with varied experience initially performed in the 14th-anniversary celebrations of Nataraj music and dance academy and continuing it till date with a broad range of classical dance skills. Her temporal dynamic moves are very eye-catching and have a perfect body orientation while the performance. Her experimental nature keeps her outstanding and shows excellence towards her moves and fascinating choreography.She does the perfect analysis of each move while dancing which is on to a very different level of grace and criticality in her dance.

All her amazing dance moves show the best character of her personality and dance traits. Complete dedication towards her job gives the charm to the whole activity of her dance performance.

Key Responsibilities

  • After her first performance,she took part in various dance festivals to prove her elegance and pride through her dance like ‘Sathyabhama Yuva Nrithyotsav’ which is an all India Classical dance festival exclusively for the youth for the last two years i.e. 2018 and 2019.
  • She has performed in various states like Andhra Pradesh where she performed at ‘Amravathi Nrityotsav in Vijayawada’ which was organized by Nataraj Music and Dance Academy.
  • As a great skill holder, she has performed on many prestigious platforms across India with her excellent classical moves.
  • Roopa has performed extensively in Vishakapatnam which included performances at ‘Dasara Navratri Utsav’ at Kali temple and ‘Ganesha Navrathri’ at Ganpathi temple.
  • She also claimed 4th position for her Kuchipudi performance in Balotsav 2019 organized by the Rotary Club of Visakha Port City.
  • She did all her rehearsals on time with proper dedication and emerged fabulously in front of everyone maintaining a proper diet with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle to achieve a trim and flexible physique suited for any classical dance performance.
  • Roopa has carried out many traditional dance sequences for several classical kinds of music. Many of her classical dance moves attract people to come and watch her performances.
  • All the dance movements and notations are performed excellently by her.

Early life and Education

Roopa was born to a family of illustrious namely Dr. K.V. Ram Kumar and Smt K. Ramya Raju in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Her learning of Kuchipudi was done at the tender age of 5. She was under the tutelage of Naatyasri K.V. Lakshmi the principal and founder secretary of Nataraj Music and Dance academy. This dynamic dancer pursued her 9th class at Bethany School in Visakhapatnam. Being involved in curricular and in co-curricular activities she managed both her academics and creative pursuits in dancing. She did an accurately fabulous work in segregating her mind.

Key achievement

Kumari K. Roopa Gayatri has made her contribution to Kuchipudi Dance and received awards and accolades for it including ‘Naatya Krithika Award’ in Sathyabhama Yuva Nrithyotsav, ‘Naatya Vikasa Award, ‘Amaravathi Vyastha Nrithya Award’ in AmaravathiNrithyotsav in Vijayawada, and ‘Kolkata Jathis Bala Puraskar’ in Jathis National Dance Festival 2019, in Kolkata.