The Dance India

Documentation of cultural heritage is indispensable for any country. It is important for one to know what has been handed down to us to take a step forward. If our ancestors shied away from documenting the events and wisdom of the time, we wouldn’t have acquired the knowledge of digitisation as well. Hence, documentation is a boon for future generations — to identify, protect, interpret and preserve.

The Dance India’ – a Monthly Cultural Magazine in English is our humble attempt to capture the spirit and culture of art in all its diversity.

The magazine is an umbrella for various art forms in the fields of dance, music, literature and theatre that have existed for thousands of years. It also highlights the struggles and success of artistes across the globe. Like the ‘mudras’ in all dance forms, we have through our articles tried to express the importance and significance of art as well as to entertain.

It is our honour to document lives and times of dancers, musicians, authors, various artistes and critics who have made art popular. We salute their efforts and endeavour to pass it on to the next generation.

We look forward to receive your blessings and message to publish in our magazine. Our desire is to develop it into a treasure trove of culture for the future generations and you could be a part of our ambitious journey by extending your perennial support.

“If the art is poor, the nation is sick”