Mudumba Vedavyasu, Kuchipudi Dancer

Mudumba Vedavyasu is a healthy, professional Kuchipudi dancer who has been in the field of performing arts for the last 10 years. His gracious performance is appreciated in various reputed dance festivals in India and abroad. Being a dedicated student of Prassana Rani Guru and Chinta Aadinaarayana Sarma Guru, he has perseveringly learned classical dance since a very young age. His unique style of performance and graceful appearance makes him one of the most incredible contemporary Kuchipudi dancers.

He is extremely detail-oriented about his dancing skills and adds a touch of perfection to all his dance moves. His exceptional dance steps express the aura of her personality. The orientation of his body is appropriately made for performing classical dance. Years of perseverance and passion have taken his performance to a dynamic level. He is genuinely passionate about India’s cultural and natural growth and contributes to it through his artistic pursuit. 

Key Responsibilities

  • After his initial years of learning Kuchipudi, he has participated and showed his performance in several renowned dance festivals including Naadaneerajanam, Telugu Maha Sabalu, Ravindrabharathi, Mahathi auditorium, Karnataka Kuchipudi Nrityostavam, Chidambaram, Hampi festival etc.
  • Besides being rewarded by several honourable awards, he was bestowed upon the prestigious Kala Shree award from Maharashtra state government in 2016.
  • As an exceptional Kuchipudi artist, he has managed and performed in various dance festivals across India.
  • He has a youtube channel in his name, “ Mudumba Vedavyasu” where he displays his audience the beauty of Kuchipudi dance.
  • Mudumba has created his dance named Hariharadvaitham.  One body, two God’s. Half lord Hari and Half Lord Hara where he shows the two parts of God through his dance moves.
  • Apart from being an extraordinary performer, Mudumba is also a great teacher who imparts his vast knowledge in classical dance to his students. The name of his dance group is Vrikshya where he and his students perform Kuchipudi dance with complete dedication.
  • His classical dance performance has been well appreciated throughout the nation. He charges a remuneration of 1000+ rupees for a solo performance. The fee for the entire dance group performance is 3000+ rupees. He participates in performances with local groups at the cost of 3000 rupees and in the case of other non-local groups, he takes 6000 rupees for each performance. The previously mentioned performance charges do not include the cost of transportation and accommodation.

Early Life And Education

Mudumba Vedavasyu originally belongs from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. He was born in Suryapeta, Telangana to his Telegu parents. The name of his father is Mudumba Laxminarsimha Charyulu, and his mother is Padma. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Malla Reddy College Of Engineering & Technology in Hyderabad. Her excellence in both academics and performing arts is commendable. He has been successful in managing both his higher studies and dance performances due to his exceptional talent and hard work.

Key Achievement

One of the most honourable accolades that Mudumba has received in 10 years’ career is the Kalashree Award from Maharashtra Government in the year 2016. He is one of the most popular Kuchipudi dancers in Hyderabad and Telangana area.

Contact Infomation

If you want to contact Mudumba Vedavyasu for performances or dance lessons, then you can take help of the below-mentioned information –

Phone Number-  8897413484

E-mail Address-

Home Address- 3-6-780/13flatno202 NESTCONSgangas apartments, Street No 14, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad 500029

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