Master Padma is one of the most eminent executants of Indian culture and kinetic art forms. She has mastered three prominent Indian art forms such as Kuchipudi Dance, Yoga and Pyramid Meditation to nurture her holistic journey towards health consciousness. The blessings of her Gurus, the encouragements from her parents, rigorous training in pure arts of dance and music and the cultivation of strong self-discipline from childhood have paved her way in finding a unique artistic expression. She is well-known as a Kuchipudi practitioner, performer and trainer. What complements her expertise in Kuchipudi is her mastery of Pyramid Meditation. She is well-acclaimed as a senior Pyramid Meditation Master in India and overseas. She is a disciple of Brahmarshi Patriji (Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement). Moreover, after going through years of rigorous practice, she is a trained Yoga Professional. Besides participating in several prestigious National platforms within India, Master Padma has also given mesmerizing performances in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea etc. Onwards, she continued training individuals in Yoga, Dance and Meditation for Holistic Health. Her approach to promoting meditation trough dance and other cultural activities has remained as pristine as her refined movements.

  • Early Life:

Master Padma was born in 1981 in a traditional Hindu Family. She hails from Chintala Agraharam, Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. She started her training in the Kuchipudi discipline of dance from Kalaratna Smt. Bala Kondala Rao (Visakhapatnam). Later, she learnt the nuances of Kuchipudi dance from NatyaRatna Sri Vedantham Ramalinga Sastry (Kuchipudi village). She has also been a disciple of Sri Aruna Sai Kumar Pakki (Visakhapatnam). Without the blessings of the above-mentioned Gurus, her journey wouldn’t have been possible at all, as she claims.

  • Career:

Master Padma has conducted various workshops of Kuchipudi Dance and Yoga Sessions in association with the Indian Consulate General Authority of Vietnam. With enormous support from the culturally inclined people and the Government of Vietnam, she formed the Pyramid Yoga and Dance International Academy (PYDA INTL.), which has gained immense popularity. This institute has several wings in Andhra Pradesh and Vietnam.

Master Padma aims to enlighten the spiritual power within by energizing the physical body through movements.  Imparting knowledge in Dance and Yoga and implying modern styles to it has been a constant part of her practice. This unique approach towards dance has been instrumental in shaping her career as a dancer. When it comes to the performances, she has gained immense popularity by performing with her group in Women’s day celebrations at Dubai & ISC, Abu Dhabi. The Malaysia Telugu Association has rewarded her with “Ugadi Puraskar” for her enormous contribution as a performer and leader managing the artists’ group from India.

  • Contribution & Rewards:

Her love towards her pure form of Dance, Meditation and Yoga is reflected not only in her performances but also in her tutelage. She has passed on her knowledge to the upcoming movement artists from India and overseas. There are numerous performances of her that have gained huge acclamation but her teaching of holistic health consciousness through a unique combination of Yoga, Dance and Meditation to the Aboriginal Tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands deserves special mention. In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, she has imparted her knowledge to a subjugated class of people only out of love and devotion without expecting any monetary or materialistic rewards.

In her prolific career, she has gained various certifications including a Diploma in Kuchipudi Dance from Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. The ballets where she has performed lead roles are MOHINI BHASMASURA, DURGA STUTHI, SHIVA PARVATHI LASYA TANDAVAM, VINAYAKA STUTHI, PLATE DANCE-TARANGAM, POT DANCE and FOLK DANCE.

The Kuchipudi repertoire, like most of the Indian classical dance forms, follows the three categories of performance such as Nritta, Nritya and Natya. These performances have many principals and Lord Shiva is one of the most significant parts of them. Master Padma’s depiction of LORD SHIVA in her performances has remained one of the best depictions in Kuchipudi form of dance.

For her enormous contribution through performances and teaching of Dance, Yoga and Meditation, she has become an acknowledged Guru in the city of Visakhapatnam. Her disciples from across the world are the stars of tomorrow, who are being praised with reputed prizes in many dance and yoga competitions. A rigorous practice, an unquenchable passion and strong self-discipline can prepare a genuine artist, she believes. She also believes in sharing all her knowledge with her disciples, many of whom have completed certificate courses in Kuchipudi.