Santasree Sasmal , Odissi Dancer

Santasree Sasmal who is an Odissi dancer has become so thorough with this dance form only because of the guidance and learning provided by Guru Shrimati Rojalin Mahapatra during her earlier years. Guru Shrimati Rojalin Mahapatra is the one who motivated Sasmal to enter into the world of this less explored dance form of India – Odissi. Along with the motivation from her Guru Shrimati Rojalin Mahapatra, he got the backing of an able guide, Guru Shri Bichitrananda Swain. This further strengthened her personality and established her in the field of Odissi.Uday Shankar Creative Dance Style is also something she is keen on and has been practising for a long time! When she was in Brahma Kamal, it was Shri Sabarnik De who led Santadree into the world of Uday Shankar Creative Dance Style! Because of him, she was able to ace yet another art form!

Her generous exhibition of Odissi is valued in different dance celebrations in India and abroad. Being a disciple of Guru Shrimati Rojalin Mahapatra and in a committed understudy of Guru Shri Bichitrananda Swain, she has perseveringly learned old-style, the traditional dance of Odissi since a youthful age. Her exceptional style of execution and elegant appearance makes her perhaps the most mind-blowing Odissi artists. 

She is amazingly conscientious about her flow during the dance and adds a bit of flawlessness to all her dance moves. Her remarkable dance steps express the atmosphere and emotions of her character. The direction of her body is properly made for performing a traditional dance. Long stretches of persistence and enthusiasm have taken her presentation to a powerful level. She is truly energetic about India’s social and common development and adds to it through her creative interest.

Key Responsibilities 

● After her underlying long periods of learning Odissi, she has partaken and indicated her presentation in a few eminent dance celebrations including Mahabalipuram Dance Celebration and the second world Ramayana Gathering in the year 2020, the Ratnadarpana Dance Celebration in 2019, the Kolkata Odissi Utsav and Mukteshwar Dance Celebration in the year 2018 and way more, beginning from the year 2015. Other than being remunerated by a few noteworthy honours, she was given to the esteemed Pratibha Chayan Grant, the Adi Master Pankaj Charan Das Grant and Jaikiran Samman Award. She additionally won the EZCC Evaluated An Artist in 2019 

● As an outstanding Odissi craftsman, she has overseen and acted in different dance celebrations across India. 

● She has a youtube Channel in her name, “Santasree Sasmal” where she shows her crowd the excellence of Odissi dance, hence persuading them to pick it as well! 

● Apart from being a phenomenal entertainer, Santasree is likewise an extraordinary instructor who gives her tremendous information in old-style dance to anyone who wants help. She isn’t an instructor yet. Being right at the beginning of the profession, she isn’t engaged with instructing however, will do as such later on! 

● Born on July 31, 1993, Santasree is exceptionally youthful to turn out to be a particularly known and dependable name in the field of Odissi. 

Early Life And Instruction 

Santasree Sasmal initially has a place in the Indian territory of Kolkata and keeps on living there even today. She finished her Post-graduation in Odissi Dance 2017 – 2019 from the Rabindra Bharati College with 71 per cent marks, which is an extraordinary score! She sought after her under graduation in B.Sc.(H) in Topography in the year 2011 to 2014 with 58 per cent score!

Her greatness in both, scholastics and performing expressions is excellent. She has been fruitful in overseeing both her higher examinations and dance exhibitions because of her outstanding ability in getting over difficult times through hard work.

Key Achievement

Along with winning the mentioned awards, Sasmal has also made a name for herself by winning these awards back to back like the Bhagirath Nrityotsav, Odissi International Dance Festival, Bengaluru Odissi Utsav, Jhulana Utsav – Konark Natya Mandap, India International Dance Festival (IIDF) – Samskriti (Solo) and way too many more.

Her most cherished and special achievement is her learning the Uday Shankar Dance Style, Rabindra Nritya, Sambalpuri Folk and Mayurbhanj Chhau. All these are different dance forms and very superior ones at that! This makes her all the more attractive as a performer!

Contact Information

You can find Santasree Sasmal on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and even on LinkedIn. You can directly message her on any of these platforms and ask her various problems that typically Odissi dancers face, or even the normal, general ones! 

Phone Number – (+91) 9088528749

E-Mail Address –

Home Address 1/12 Tara Prasad Moitra Street, Kolkata – 700035, West Bengal