A Grand Festival

Seuli Mukherjee Chatterjee, a Bharatnatyam performer and teacher, organised ‘Nrityaranga Dance Festival’ at Shishir Mancha in Kolkata on December 24. The purpose of the festival was to provide a platform and honour classical dancers in Kolkata. Seuli is a disciple of Guru Thankamani Kutty and received a national scholarship award in Bharatanatyam dance from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Nrityangan Kala Kendra is a dance school that she established.

On the occasion, Jaya Seal Ghosh gave a guest performance and captivated the audience with her Bharatanatyam. Ghosh is a renowned actress and dancer. She learnt Bharatanatyam from a young age under Guru Indira PP Bora in Guwahati. She later joined Kalamandalam and trained under the guidance of Guru Thankamani Kutty. Currently,

she is learning under Vidushi Rama Vaidyanathan. Performers Sikha Bhattacharya (Kathak), Annesa Naha (Bharatanatyam), Anupama Dey (Odissi), Debdatta Ganguly (Bharatanatyam) and Shreya Majhi (Bharatanatyam) did a brilliant job. BR Vikram Kumar, the editor of The Dance India magazine, attended the festival as a chief guest and many other eminent personalities from Kolkata joined him in witnessing the spectacle.

Seuli must be appreciated for organising the ‘Nrityaranga Dance Festival’ marking the anniversary of her dance school. Despite her first attempt at organising, the festival proved to be a grand occasion where artistes from varied dance styles got together on a single platform.