Gaiety marks the 18th Anniversary Celebrations of NMDA

Photo Write-up:

1) Students of NMDA performing Kuchipudi Dance, during the 18th Anniversary celebrations of NMDA at Kalabharati auditorium in the city on Thursday.

2) Kuchipudi Dancer Geeta Narayan performing “ Ananda-Tandavam”, during the 18th Anniversary celebrations of NMDA at Kalabharati auditorium in the city on Thursday.

3) “ Paadaa Pushpa-abhishekam” to the Principal of NMDA, K.V.Lakshmi, during the 18th Anniversary celebrations of NMDA at Kalabharati auditorium in the city on Thursday.

Visakhapatnam, Thursday 26 April 2018:

Gaiety marked with the awe-inspiring performances of classical dances by the students of the only Member of UNESCO’s International Dance Council from Bay City, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Nataraj Dance and Music Academy (NMDA)’s 18th anniversary celebrations at Kalabharati auditorium in the city on Thursday. The classical dances choreographed by the Principal K.V.Lakshmi, performed by the students not only mesmerized the art lovers but also kept them in spell-bound state during the entire program. The program was organized under the supervision and presiding of the Founder-President of the academy and Editor-in-Chief of the only English monthly cultural magazine- The Dance India, Bathina Ranga Vikram Kumar, popularly known as Vikram Goud and compeering by  Dr. Perala Bala Murali Krishna, who crystal-clearly narrated the significance of each and every performance.

The program started with the formal lighting-up of the lamp by the dignitaries-the Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Ravi Shankar Narayan IRS, CISF Commandant Kishore Kumar, Nandi Awardee, Rambhatla Nrusimha Sharma, Editor of Varnacular daily-Leader, V.V.Ramana Murty, Rotarian Vishwanath, Tadepalli Satyanarayana. This was followed by the prayer song “ Amba Paraku …”.

Moving towards cultural extravaganza – The first performance was by the teens of the academy Tejasri, Bhagyasri, Sujana,  Sumedha, Prakhya and Sanjana on a song called “ Sabha Sadulaku Ide Shubha-abhivadam…” written by Nandi awardee, Rambhatla Nrusimha Sharma in Aadi Taalam and Nata Ragam was a good start helping the mood to get prepared for the cultural journey.

Kuchipudi Dancer Sudagaani Geeta Narayan with her Trio performances had not only proved that age is not a barrier for learning an art, proving the metal and getting applauds.

A fifteen minutes long scintillating solo performance by Geeta Narayan “ Eka Paatraa Keli” by on Aananda-Tandavam composed by Padmabhushan Dr.Vempati Chinna Satyam in  Raagamalika Raagam and Aadi Taalam depicting the joyful mood of Siva Tandavam has left the audience in spell-bound state.

Geeta’s another fascinating performance, “Chuoodaramma Satulaara..” in Raagmalika and Aadi Taalam  as Goda Devi- whose long time wish to get a chance to marry lord Vishnu that comes true in Kalyuga, could not stop the audience to travel into an imaginary world.

Displaying, the horrifying angle in her, Geeta Narayan as Shakti-Swaroopini in a group performance along with her co-artists- Tejasri, Bhagyasri, Sujana, Sanjana as devotees and Narayana as demon Mahishasura, on one of the Kuchipudi Padapanchakams “Mahishasura Mardini” terrifying facial expression perfectly synchronizing with the music, lyric and taalam.

The choral was framed by Rambhatla Nrusimha Sharma in Kadana-Kuthuhalam raagam and Aadi taalam.

On the other side, Bulbuls- Archana, Amrita, Siri Varshini, K. Varshini, Dhanya Spoorti and Subhashrita Sri were no less than anybody. Their duo  performances as Lord Krishna in childhood on a songs “ Muddugare Yashoda….”  in Kuranjee Raagam and Aadi taalam and “ Itti Muddulade..” in Aanada Bhairavi Raagam and Aadi taalam, gave such a charming impression that audience could visualize lord Krishna on the stage and wish they could pamper.

Classical dancer, J.V.S.Sudha Varma’s deep involvement into the character of goddess Alumelu Mangamma during the performance to one of Keertana “ Valapula Solapula Vasanta Vela Idi….” has not only showcased her dedication but also took the audience into fantasies.

Another group of students- Sanjana, Shreya, Sumedha, Kausthuba, Bhavysri, Roopa Gayatri, Sannidhi and Chetana Lakshmi had performed on two songs- “ Bala Kanakamaya…” in Attana ragam and Aadi taalam and “ Kanarandi Shiva-Parvatula Tandavam…” in Vasanta raagam and Aadi taalam.

The teens have performed two more numbers, of which “Jayadwanamula ..” in Hamsadhwani raagam and Aadi taalam, was an prayer to lord Nataraja and concluding number “Thillana” in Raaga Maalika raagam and Aadi taalam.

Over and all, dancers of every age group have showcased a matured performance with a perfect blend of foot work, body movements, facial expressions and most importantly co-ordination and synchronization.

After the cultural programmes, the students of the academy extended their gratitude to the principal of the academy, K.V. Lakshmi by felicitating and gushed with flower petals at her feet, following the Guru-Shishya Parampara.

 The dignitaries had shared their views on the success of NMDA on its 18th annual day celebrations and said that there is indeed need of the hour to protect and promote the cultural heritage of India which is in a stage of extinction. They congratulated and extended best wishes to the whole family of NMDA for their constant efforts in propagating the richness of art.