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Poornima Rajini A Oriented Bharatnatyam Dancer

Poornima Rajini is a well-skilled Bharatnatyam dancer and is explicitly known to present her art with enjoyment and experience.

She is an Indian performer and is contributing to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Indian performing arts. She is a very detail-oriented Bharatnatyam dancer and has gathered appreciation for her art in India and in countries like the USA and UAE. 

Poornima Rajini’s performances speak for themselves. As it’s known that Bharatnatyam is all about your way of expression and how perfectly you present it in front of the audience. Bharatnatyam dance of Poornima Rajini worth a watch as she gives perfection to all her steps that she performs. Her body is shaped well for a Bharatnatyam dancer. She has a well-sculpted physical outlook to keep you glued while she is presenting to you, the entire piece of art. She is blessed with beautiful pair of eyes that speaks volumes. She has very controlled footwork in combination with outstanding facial expressions.

She has been performing this art since her childhood and whenever you watch her perform, you will notice that she owns the stage with her presence which gets combined with her self-confidence and is enough to blow you way. The audience braces themselves while watching her performance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Poornima Rajini choreographed and trained many students in Bharatnatyam.
  • She has performed in many dance festivals.
  • Poornima Rajini has received much recognition from state and central government.
  • She has helped poor children in getting an education and has helped women and housewives to become self-dependent.
  • Her contribution to social activity is great.
  • She has held her workshop and is invited to many programs as a guest speaker.
  • She has the best academic records and many achievements and degrees under her name.
  • She has been awarded many prestigious and honorable awards and titles.

Early Life And Education

Poornima Rajini learned the art of Bharatnatyam dance at the age of 7. Her contribution to this dance form is stupendous and her choreography is amazing. When she grew up, she gained her training in the Pandanallur and Kalashetra style of Bharatnatyam. She was trained and bloomed as a performer and choreographer under the mentorship of Smt. Radha Sridhar, Natya Saraswathi Guru, and Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayanth, Padmashree awardee.

When we give a focus on her education and academic front then the saying “there is no end to learning” goes true in her life. She has a great academic record and has many degrees in her academic learning. She has gained a masters’ degree in Microbiology. She has another Masters’ degree in performing acts. Poornima Rajini also passed the Vidwat dance exams with distinction. Under the guidance of Late Janhavi Jayaprakash, she has also gained training in Carnatic Vocal. Her training and academics achievement won’t be complete if we forget to mention Nattuvangam. She has learned nattuvangam under the guidance of Late Smt. Narmada, a Karnataka Kala Thilaka Guru.

There is an interesting fact about Poornima Rajini, She has also served as an examiner at Karnataka State Education Examination Board (KSEEB) at the very young age of 23.

Key Achievements

Poornima Rajini owing to her spellbinding contribution to the field of Bharatnatyam dance and choreography has been the recipient of many awards. She has been honored with different titles and awards. The honors and awards are related to different fields like that of Bharatnatyam, Social works, childhood education as well as initiatives for women empowerment. 

Her contribution to these fields is very important and crucial. She has helped many women in gaining respect and helped them to be self-dependent. 

Poornima Rajini has thousands of recognition and titles in her life. She has recognition under her name by both the state government of Karnataka as well as the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of India. She has been invited as a guest speaker to deliver talks related to her dance form and related fields. She was also invited to be a panel expert for a live Chat show.  This chat show was aired on Bangalore Doordarshan- Chandana. It was a live Phone-in chat show and the show was titled “O Sakhi”.

It would not be anything wrong if we say that Poornima Rajini has contributed a lot in preserving the heritage of Indian Cultural Dance Bharatnatyam. One side where the majority of the youths have focused on learning a western dance style, another side Poornima Rajini is an inspiration for many girls who are learning the classical dance forms. She has performed in many other countries like the USA and UAE.