Tarang Ratna 2019: A Prestigious Platform

Led by Kashmira Trivedi, takshashila nrityakala mandir presented ‘Tarang Ratna 2019’ at Kashinath Ghanekar Mini Auditorium, Thane, on December 28. This festival was special because of its collaboration with ICCR. Four renowned artists Guru Deepak Mazumdar (Bharatanatyam exponent) from Mumbai, Gopika Varma (Mohiniattam performer and exponent) from Chennai, Deepika Reddy (Kuchipudi performer) from Hyderabad and Mukta Joshi (Kathak exponent) from Thane graced the festival with their performances. All of them were Sangeet Natak Akademi awardees.

The programme started with the lamp lighting ceremony by all the four artists and guest for the evening BR Vikram Kumar, Editor of The Dance India Magazine. The festival showcased a lot of talent on one stage. It began with the performance of Guru Deepak Mazumdar. He showcased the love between Yashoda and Krishna. Yashoda was requesting Krishna to sleep at night. But Krishna insisted on listening to the story of Lord Rama before sleeping. Yashoda narrates the story to Krishna. He showcased Sita’s Swayamvaram, Kaikeyi’s evil plan of sending Rama to vanvasa for 14 years, Sita Haran and Ravana’s Vadh. As Yashoda finishes her story, Krishna falls asleep and Yashoda blows off the diya (lamp) for Krishna to sleep peacefully.

Gopika Varma gave the next performance. She depicted the story of Parijataka Tree. The conversations among Krishna, Rukmini and Satyabhama were shown expressively. Krishna gives the flower of Parijatak to Rukmini and Narada carries the news to Satyabhama. Upon hearing this, she feels heartbroken and questions Krishna on how much he loves her? Smart Krishna immediately plants trees of Parijatak and Satyabhama feels proud of the action. Rukmini sees the trees planted in Satyabhama’s house and gets worried about losing Krishna’s love towards her. But again Krishna convinces her. Feeling jealous, Satyabhama measures her love towards Krishna and asks him to sit on the Tula (measuring equipment). On the other side, Satyabhama puts all her valuables on the Tula measuring Krishna. Despite putting all her valuables and her own alankaran, Krishna’s side remains unmovable. Then Krishna calls Rukmini to test her love towards him. Seeing the mountain of valuables on the other side Rukmini laughs slightly and puts the leaf of Tulasi (Basil) on that mountain and the minute she keeps it Krishna’s side immediately rises up. Here she proves that only true devotional and unconditional love can win the heart of Krishna.

After seeing this Satyabhama apologises to Krishna for her sin. Gopika Varma beautifully performed the whole episode and the audience could feel the three characters on the stage. It was a mesmerising performance.  

After these performances, artistes were felicitated with mementoes and a shawl by BR Vikram Kumar. During this felicitation, Renu (Coordinator of ICCR) also joined the function. Kashmira Trivedi welcomed her on stage and felicitated her. She expressed her gratitude towards Renu for supporting and encouraging this festival and giving her precious time for the event. Renu was impressed by seeing the performances and appreciated the work and efforts of Kashmira Trivedi.


Once again, performances began with Deepika Reddy. She performed Kuchipudi dance style and presented abhinaya and nritta form. She concluded her performance with ‘Thali Nritya’. This is the toughest aspect of Kuchipudi dance style, but Deepika performed each and every body movement with ease. The audience did not take their eyes off her. It was again a mesmerising performance by Deepika Reddy who came from Hyderabad.

Last but not the least, Mukta Joshi concluded the festival with her energetic performance. She performed nritta and nritya part in Kathak style. Her padhant was eye-catching and her Guru Roshan Kumari choreographed it. She concluded her performance with a Tarana. She surprised the audience with her leg movements, chakras and abhinaya. Compere for the evening was Anand Singh. His voice and a style of narration heightened the excitement among the audience.

Madhura Pawaskar

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