A dance performance on live music is like a cherry on the top!

Dance and music go hand in hand. Even though music alone does wonders, but no dance is complete without music. A formula which consists both these activities blended is what makes any event successful and worth remembering!

Vid. Ananth Vikram & Smt. Chaitra Ananth from Shailusham Arts & Creations® have understood the effect of this combination and have given great shows year by year. Same goes for The BENCHMARK SHAILUSHAM Festival (13th Edition) “CHINNARA KALARAVA 2021” which was directed by these two experts!

Do you know what the most amazing and unique thing about this performance is? This is the first-ever dance event in Bangalore being performed on live music making it different from the rest!

Held on 16th Jan 2021, at Ravindra Kalakshetra, JC Road, Bangalore, this even was a treat for every individual who witnessed it! Uniquely for all the Live Music Performances, The Director of the festival (Vid. Ananth Vikram) was on the Vocals & Nattuvangam Support clearly shows how dedicated he is towards his art and is eager to promote it to the world!

The Live Music ensemble who made a grand event possible includes these legends!

Having great vocals is important for any music group. It becomes all the more crucial when that music is being used for a live dance performance. That’s why, the important task of vocals & Nattuvangam were handled by none other than the expert himself, Aryabhata Awardee Guru Vid. ANANTH VIKRAM! 

Mridangam and flute are instruments widely used in classical music! These are not only instruments, they are more of emotion for an artist who is well versed, or even getting into classical music and also classical dance! The mridangam player for this event was Vidwan Vinod ShyamAnoor and the flute was played by Vid. Skanda. Both of them did an exceptional job in binding the vocals and other instruments together with a mridangam.

The rhythm pads add an extra touch of sincerity and fullness in any form of music. It enhances every detail of the performance and makes the whole performance refined. The rhythm pads for this evening were handled by Vid. Arun Kumar.

Some highlights of the festival worth remembering

  • Group Bharatanatyam recital by Disciples of Guru Dr Raksha Jayaram
  • Group Bharatanatyam recital by Disciples of Guru Dr Lakshmi Rekha

Bharatnatyam is still practised by a large population in India. This group has made a great effort to promote and create an interest for it, 

  • Solo Bharatanatyam recital by Baby. Mahati Ananth (Daughter & Disciple of Guru Ananth Vikram)

A solo Bharatnatyam piece might not show chemistry, but it is equally captivating and beautiful to witness like the group.

  • Unique Folk dance by Master Krishna & team

Folk dances are the soul of our nation with each state having their own cultures and ideologies mixed with dance!

  • Puppet Show &Hoola hoop performance by Nagaratna Krishna

Puppets have become a great source of entertainment for kids and adults alike! This performance was enjoyed by everyone present.

Live music and dance if performed correctly, will give you goosebumps that will feel very good and exhilarating. This group has lived up to the expectations of its audience.

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