Ananth Vikram

Performance with live music

The benchmark Shailusham festival which was named to be “CHINNARA KALARAVA 2018” was organized & directed by Vid. AnanthVikram& Smt. ChaitraAnanth from Shailusham Arts & Creations on 18th April at SevaSadan Auditorium, Malleshwaram in Bangalore. It was seemed to be a grand success.

Like never before in any festivals in Bangalore, this festival has a unique feature of presenting various dance forms with “Live Music”. This festival had featured about thirty-five child prodigies presenting unique art forms on a single platform. Director Vid.Ananth Vikram was on the Vocals &Nattuvangam as a source of support for all the Live Music Performances exclusively.

The program is highlighted with the “Live Music” performances. The live music ensembles are Aryabhata Awardee- Natyacharya Guru VidwanAnanthVikram for vocals &Nattuvangam. Vidwan GS Nagaraj played Mridangam, Flute was played by VidwanSkanda Kumar.

A group performance at the event

The fantastic performances of the festivals began with a performance by a juniorMahatiAnanth (5 years old) Presented Bharatanatyamwith live music (Pushpanjali followed by GaneshaKruthi in Chakravaka Raga set to AdiTaala). Disciples of Guru Nagashree presented forty-five minutes of outstanding performance in Bharatanatyam in Kalakshtra style and has mesmerised every audient in the auditorium. Guru Nagasree was on Nattuvangam for the same. Later, the fantastic Kathak performance was presented bythe young Kathaakars (Disciples of Guru Mysore B Nagaraj).

The next Folklore performance was presented by the juniors Mahati Ananth & team which was directed by Guru ChaitraAnanth.Disciples of Guru MithunShyam presented forty-five minutes of energetic performance in Bharatanatyam with Vazhuvoor style and spell bounded the audiences. Vid. DeepikaGovindaraju was on the Nattuvangam for the same.

The best part of the festival was Shailusham had recognized the eminent personalities from various fields & honoured them with the Lifetime achievement `SHAILUSHAM RATNA`Awards. The list of ShailushamRatnaawardees include:

`SHAILUSHAM NATYA RATNA` Award to Karnataka KalaShree Shantala Awardee, Guru Radha Sridhar.

 `SHAILUSHAM KALA POSHAKA RATNA` award was honoured to Sri ChinneGowda.

`SHAILUSHAM JYOTISHYARATNA’ Award was presented to Dr.VidwanGopalakrishna Sharma.

SHAILUSHAM KALA RATNA` Award was honoured to Dr. D LakshmanNaik.