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Editor’s Note: Traditional art forms of India are…

Traditional art forms of India are a puissant medium that has carried forward the legacy of traditions and made its culture and heritage admirable.

India stands as the ‘mahaan’ land of traditional arts and crafts. Almost every region of the country has its own significant traditional form of art and artistes skilled in various art forms. We’re really blessed to be born in a country with so much diversity and traditions. Sadly, despite various attempts to save them by their practitioners, some of these traditional Indian art forms are fading away.

If tallied, as every decade passes, the number of artists is rapidly declining, signifying a clear indication to the future of the art forms and artists in our country are on the verge of extinction.

Some suggestive measures for preserving the art forms and artists at employment level are companies taking art initiatives as part of the Corporate / Collective Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, in case of PSUs and private sector organizations, an exemption may be offered as grant or bonus points to the organization to boost their morale and help them in taking up and maintaining their part of contribution as CSR activities. Focusing on school and college level, measures such as issuing an exemption on the amount of the fee paid for the tutoring of arts to both parents and the academy at pre-school level, and regularizing of the art forms as part of the syllabus.

At university level, there should be mandatory appointment of positions for maintenance of the art department preserving arts forms.

Also, unlike any other quota, artists should also be given appointment under artists’ quota in government organizations, PSUs and private sector industries. They should be given sparing and concessional facilities for travel and stay, when travelled for performances along with some exemption for the baggage containing art related material that is being used by the artist for performance. 

Through this issue, a revered appeal is being made to the Union Finance Ministry in association with the Information and Broadcasting Ministry and Cinematography to join their hands and support the instrumental folk who promote art and culture. Adding to this, if a Member of Parliament can be nominated from the field of arts, it could surely pave a way for smooth conduct and assured implementation of the programs and events.

Better late than never, early initiative from the government would be highly appreciated in real sense from the art lovers, who are also in countable number in vote bank, opine the experts.


Vikram Kumar B.R.