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Editor’s Note: Art and Culture Community would…

Art and Culture Community would find the white Pearl !

The New Year changes lives and people all over the world celebrate it with happiness and hope to be successful. But one section of the society has been constantly looking for the White Pearl. The art and culture community in India does not know whether it will be a ‘Happy’ year or not. Many of the artistes have been struggling financially. Indian art and culture is one of the ancient practices in the world but who would recognise its essence? The Government? Or the Public? 

In words, people including politicians like to boast about our rich cultural heritage but in deeds, nobody renders support to the artiste. If we observe recent festivals, organisers have been paying Bollywood celebrities in lakhs and some even receive crores for their live performances, whereas if we look at Indian classical, traditional and folk artistes, they do not get proper remunerations. Is this the rich India that the people in power have been talking about?

Thankfully, the young generation of artistes have not yet given up, and they have been working hard as performers and teachers. As we begin a new year, let us all hope that this year, with new leadership and renewed thought process, the art and culture community would find the white pearl.

Wish you a happy and blessed new year!

Jai Hind!

BR Vikram Kumar