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Editor’s Note: Art and Culture will be…

Art and Culture will be Doomed ?

India is moving ahead with its eyes set on development. Politicians, bureaucrats and citizens have been reiterating it repeatedly. It is great to rejoice in this development but culturally, India has been going recoiling. Some patrons of art and culture question if the government really has resolved to protect and promote Indian classical and traditional folk art forms. They feel that in every budget, the government allocates the smallest pie to culture; the decision-making ability regarding culture has been poor, corruption in the cultural bodies has become unstoppable, and the culture minister has lost hold on the functioning of cultural bodies. 

India is a unique amalgamation of classical and traditional art forms and it has attracted people from other countries. Any country that neglects its art and culture will be doomed. Keeping this in mind, if the government shows interest in developing Indian classical and traditional arts, thereby helping the artistes, there would still be a chance to revive the lost vibrancy of the Indian culture.

Jai Hind!

BR Vikram Kumar