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Editor’s Note:Cultural Promotion as part of…

Cultural Promotion as part of the CSR initiative !

India as a country is renowned for its culturally rich heritage. Universally, the land is hailed as a Karmabhoomi. But unfortunately, in the present context, even after multiple lamentations by the artiste community, the government has failed to provide the needed protection and promotion. 

When you compare culture and sports, the Indian government has not been giving equal importance to culture. Artistes find it hard to get platforms for performing, and those who find platforms do not receive adequate remunerations. Artistes who are passionate about bringing excellence in their work do not receive enough scholarships compared to sports scholarships. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is another area which has been a tragedy. Every region needs a performing theater which is accessible to artistes but unfortunately, the government did not look into such practices. It is a moment of shame for Indian artistes. Why are the organisations not serious about cultural promotion as part of the CSR initiative? Why is the ministry of culture not given equal importance as the ministry of sports? Will there ever be an answer or solution these questions? These are some questions to ponder over and questions that are being asked by the artsite community. The upcoming government needs to look into these areas and take necessary measures in the right direction. Indian arts and culture need to be protected and propagated to posterity.

Jai Hind!

BR Vikram Kumar