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Cultural Artiste Unemployment !

Cultural artiste unemployment, you might read the phrase for the first time. Many youngsters across India have been pursuing performing arts out of the passion to continue our traditions. But unfortunately, the support they receive from the Government, Corporate and public bodies is negligible. Nothing comes for free in the world and a lot of them have been cutting corners and spending their time and money in pursuit of performing arts with no aid. 

Learning the art form and performing it requires money. Makeup, costumes, accessories, travelling and other miscellaneous things related to performing arts are expensive. Yet, they don’t give up and push themselves forward for the good of continuing the tradition. It has been taking a toll on them. When you compare a performing artiste to a sportsperson, the latter has sponsorships from various corporate companies, public sector and even the Government bodies. Many of the sports personnel end up with a job thanks to the sports quota. But it is not the same with artistes, despite their many sacrifices. A lot of families who root for Indian art and culture have been financially struggling and some stories have been heartbreaking.

Who will come to their rescue? Who will give them employment? Who will address Cultural Unemployment? 

The Government? The Public Sector? The Corporate Companies?

The art fraternity has been waiting for an answer.

Jai Hind!

BR Vikram Kumar