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Editor’s Note: Print Media would never…

Print Media would never vanish

It is a general perception that digital and satellite mediums have grown in leaps and bounds and the end of print media is near. But contrary to the assumed outcome, Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu recently said that print media would never vanish because it is the biggest and time-tested source of documentation from ancient times. Print media holds a highly esteemed position among different mediums of communication, but under the present circumstances, maintaining a product of print media is a difficult task – especially a product like The Dance India, which is related to art & culture and tourism. Even advertisers and companies look for products with a mass readership and a magazine on art and culture falls in the niche category which is not on their priority list. Hence, the sustenance of the magazine becomes an issue for the publisher. 

The Dance India magazine began its journey in July 2016 and completed 3 years. For the last three years, the magazine has strived to document and promote Indian art and culture and all those artistes, musicians, writers and contributors who have invested their lives in the service of varied art forms both folk and classical.

In the Union Budget, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that the government would give a discount or tax benefits on newsprint. If the government promotes and supports media houses and print media, this ancient and popular form of media would sustain and live for generations to come. 

With the great support of Indian artistes, patrons and The Dance India editorial board, we have successfully completed three years. On the occasion of celebrating the third anniversary and stepping into the fourth year, I urge the gurus and legends of various Indian art forms, who are the backbone of Indian culture, to come forward and support The Dance India magazine through their patronage and subscriptions. The magazine has been a treasure trove of culture and tourism in India. 

Jai Hind! Jai Kalakar!

BR Vikram Kumar