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Editor’s Note: Time to cleanse the system in…

Time to cleanse the system in Academies and Cultural Bodies!

India has been moving ahead with the slogan ‘Swachh Bharat’, a positive sign for the future. However, many opine that the Prime Minister’s Office and several other ministries have not been focusing on certain aspects of the mission. The art fraternity feels that the central and state academies and cultural bodies under the ministry of culture have been marred by several scams and some officials have been exploiting the allocated funds and even making money through awards. While we march towards Swachh Bharat, the art fraternity questions, is it not necessary to strive for Swachh Samskrutik Bharat? It has been the talking point for the last few years. Past years have witnessed scams in presenting awards and using funds. Yet, the ministry of culture have not focused on these issues and taken action to curtail them from happening again and again. Artistes have been expecting that the government would clean these academies and cultural bodies across the country. If the ministry of culture concentrates on these issues, especially, presenting awards and distribution of funds only then the genuine artiste would get an opportunity. Otherwise, officials who have been stuck to their seats of power will not do much for the development of art and culture in India. 

Now is the time to cleanse the system in Central and State Academies and Cultural Bodies!

Jai Hind!

BR Vikram Kumar