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Editor’s Note: Prahlad Singh Patel, should overcome …

Prahlad Singh Patel, should overcome all obstacles ?

The name Prahlad Singh Patel reminds one of the ministry of culture and a decision-maker. These are still early days, as he has taken charge of the ministry recently and artistes hope that the minister will deliver miracles. The extension of viewing hours at nine Indian heritage sites and the decisions he took laying importance on tangible Indian heritage is being appreciated by everyone. But, Indian intangible heritage, Indian arts and the artistes who depend on them, did not yet make it to his priority list. The question is whether the honourable minister did not look into it or the officials who are responsible failed to bring it to his notice? Or are these so-called gurus and exponents of Indian arts meeting the minster only for their self benefits? When these stalwarts get an appointment with the minister, are they discussing the problems faced by Indian artists across the country? These are some questions that need an answer. Many youngsters are getting into the mould of Indian classical dances with the hope to excel. Though there is ample scope for providing opportunities, apex bodies like Sangeet Natak Akademi, ICCR and Zonal Centres have only been tending to those artists with lobbies and influence at the central level. This is the unfortunate situation represented by the common Indian artiste. 

The new minister for culture, Prahlad Singh Patel, should overcome all obstacles and make decisions that would benefit the Indian classical, traditional and folk arts and the artistes who depend on them for a livelihood. Some artists suggest that the government should establish a national corporation to support artistes. More importantly, it needs to take measures to provide adequate performing opportunities to artistes. Special attention towards the welfare of people connected to Indian performing arts is the need of the hour.  

Keeping these things in mind, the honourable minister should take necessary steps that would enable dancers, musicians, teachers, technicians, critics and writers to lead a fulfilling life. The ministry needs to create employment and show a path to these people intertwined with Indian arts.  


B.R. Vikram Kumar