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Editor’s Note: ‘Promote Artiste and…

‘Promote Artiste and Save Culture

‘Promote Artiste and Save Culture’ is the slogan upon which The Dance India has launched its Monthly Programmes at various places in India. These programmes feature aspiring to established artistes from varied fields of Music, Dance, Literature and Theatre. Having a passion and spirit to perform is what it takes to be a part of the Monthly Programme and artistes taking part would perform in front of like-minded art and culture connoisseurs. This month, the Magazine has started its Monthly Programmes at different venues in Maharashtra and Gujarat. So far, we have successfully inaugurated four venues in Maharashtra and one venue in Gujarat with the help of our coordinators. For an art form to grow and spread, the artiste needs to showcase it on as many platforms as possible. Art cannot reach larger audiences if we keep it in a closet. Under the present scenario where performing platforms have become a costly affair, The Dance India recognised the void and kick-started these Monthly Programmes to provide a good platform for the artistes. The platform also provides space for artistes from various walks of the life to come together as a community. Coming together as a community would help in spreading awareness, sharing knowledge and combating corruption in art and culture. 

Be a part of the change.

Jai Hind!

BR Vikram Kumar