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Editor’s Note:Is magnifying…

Is magnifying essential?

It is welcoming that the Government of India has at least now thought about the fraternity of art and artists existing in the country. Most of them are in very pathetic condition and there is a need to extend a helping hand towards them where the Union Government and the Minister concerned are to be appreciated for taking initiatives like recognising of artists nationwide, issuing identification cards, allocating funds for schemes like ‘Pension and Medical Aid’ fellowships and monthly pensions. However, these are granted through various processes, at the mercy of officials, bureaucrats and politicians. Why is such discrimination made, when public servants and artists work for the same nation? 

But the saddening part is that there shown the disparity and discrimination. When seen as service to the nation through any medium. First and official, that public servants and public representative get wages and perks for the service rendered and pension after service. But artists are never officially facilitated for his services or after attaining the age of retirement. Second and unofficial, that for both the earlier has ample number of disproportionate earnings through various modes using their official capacities, and this facility does not apply to the artists. Still, the public servants and public representative, get a minimum of Rs. 20,000/- plus AC Two tier travel with companion or AC first class if single that is equivalent to air fare, where as what is given to an artist is Rs. 500 to Rs. 3500/- only and no other extra facilities. This shows as a situation of bias towards individuals of the same nation.

However, better late than never, but it would be appreciable and of great help, if the government and the concerned officials could provide the basic services and benefits to artists as well. Even politically seen, artist fraternities also do have some say in vote bank to contribute to the politics and are of the concern.