Prominence of Lord Krishna illustrated at the ‘Mayur Utsav’

Mayur Nrutya Academy at Hubli founded by Vidushi Hema Wagmode, a renowned Bharatanaatyam exponent and a teacher. The Mayur Utsav was formally inaugurated on 28th January, 2018 at ‘Sanskrutik  Bhavan’ Hubli .

The program was graced with the presence of eminent personalities like Sri Basavaraj Horatti, Dr. Nalwad and others dignitaries, who honoured the Bharathanaatyam exponent, Vidushi Roopashree Madhusoodan. The dance recitals included ‘pushpanjali’ , ‘koutwam’ , ‘shiva stuti’ and other foot tapping performances.

The most enthralling performance of the night was “VISMAYA VASUDEVA”, an ‘nrutya nataka’ showcasing the experiences of Yashodha, Radha, Kuchela and Partha with Vasudeva.

The auditorium which usually resonates with ‘ghughroo’ sounds of dancers feet, slowly transformed into serenity on the mystical sight of ‘Nanda Gokula’ Lord Krishna. In the performance, Bala Gopala with his mischievous acts becomes the reason for Yashodha’s anger, which was subdued when he opens his mouth and shows a glimpse of the Universe, stunning her. Yasodha’s love, care, anger and astonishment on Bala Gopala’s mischievous acts undoubtedly mesmerised the audience.

The epitome of friendship between Lord Krishna and Kuchela was also performed well. The magical romantic moments between Lord Krishna and Radha was filled with ‘shringara’ and ‘viraha rasa’. Radha feeling shy on seeing Lord Krishna with all the gopikas surrounding him was a dreamy scene.

The purpose of Lord Krishna’s avatar was for deployment and sustenance of ‘the Dharma’. The stage dramatically changed to the war field enacting the battle of ‘Kurukshetra’. The ‘geeta upadesam’ scene, where Lord Krishna as Parthasaarathi, speaks to Paandava brother, Arjuna was enacted superficially.

The enactment of war scene and the Visharoopa darshana of Lord Vasudeva made the audience spell bound. Overall, the event was a total eye treat for all the ‘kalarasikas’.