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Editor’s Note: Who will stop…

Who will stop corruption in cultural bodies?

Who will stop corruption in cultural bodies? We have been discussing the eradication of corruption in culture, right from the first issue of The Dance India which came out in July 2016. It sent ripples across the country and from the feedback that the magazine received, it became evident that even aficionados of art did not know about the scale of corruption in cultural bodies. Over the last two years, we have raised a red flag and brought several problems to light. There are two questions that arise whenever we discuss the issue. Who is responsible for the corruption in cultural bodies – politicians, bureaucrats, established artistes or junior artistes? The second question is who is going to stop it? 

Instead of waiting for some person or a group to change the state of things, why can’t we the people, a community of art and culture join hands and raise up against the evil of corruption? Our forefathers have set a precedent with their fight against the British and brought independence to our country. Now it is time for the present generation of artists and patrons of art and culture to fight against injustice, lobbying, malpractice and misuse of awards and funds in cultural bodies. 

Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind!

BR Vikram Kumar