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The New-Age Talented Prodigy: Ishita Pai Raikar

Text:Paul Nicodemus

Ishita Pai Raikar

Performing an art is a gift given by the god to showcase the beauty of art forms through one’s performances.  Among performing arts, dance is one of the oldest forms of art and self-expression. India is the origin of classical dance forms from eternity until the nation’s new crops of dancing talent have emerged and brought a new change in the dance world. Though a new age teenager, Ishita Pai Raikar, from the Northern India endeavours in keeping the rich heritage of classical dance.

 ‘Adulthood is not always necessary to achieve hard-headed goals’, this statement was proven true by Ishita Pai Raikar, an enthusiast and a striving passionate dancer, who  has  developed keen interest and passion for  dance since a young age.

Born in Maharashtra, Ishita was born to Srinivas Pai Raikar and Minal Pai Raikar on 2nd May 2003. She is currently resides with her parents in Singapore and studies Class Nine at the Dover Court International School in Singapore.

It is quite common in childhood to get fascinated towards toys, chocolates, and cartoons, but Ishita is inclined towards dance and made it as her breath and soul. Hailing from a dance tradition family, Ishita draws inspiration from her mother and aunt, who were once wonderful dancers.

She developed her interest in dance at a very young age, which was supported and encourage by her mother. In the year 2009, she started formal training under her first Guru Sri ‘Kashmira Trivedi’ of the Takshashila Nrityakala Mandir, Thane, Mumbai. Ever since childhood, Ishita has been a keen observer and passionate towards dance.  She adopted her mother’s dream for her, to make her feel proud and elated.

After relocating from India to Singapore, Ishita did not give up on her passion. With the support of her mother, she started training under renowned Guru Vidushi M.S Sri lakshmi, one of the great Bharatanatyam dancers and founder of the Natyaranjini institutions, which was established to promote Classical art forms. Currently, she is encouraging Ishita to perform in dance programs and festivals. Ishita has performed her Arangetram on 19 December, 2017 at GVN auditorium, Margao, Goa. She also gave performances at prestigious festivals in India and Singapore.

Ishita has got a privilege to perform in the presence of Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi upon his visit to Singapore. Every year, she performs at Navaratri celebrations and events and People’s Association (PA) organized by various community centers. She participated in several dance programs all over Singapore including prestigious events held at famous venues like Esplanade theatre, Indian High Commission, Singapore Police Force and the Expo.

Ishita aspires to become an entrepreneur by profession and a good dancer, delivering mesmerizing performances only to win hearts of the audience. She dazzles with her graceful performance every time, aiming to reach new heights in the field of dance. Apart from dance, she is passionate towards sports and academics.She has won the awards for her solo and group performances at Papanasam Sivan competitions, Jhankar dance competition, Dancing stars of Singapore and PE talent hunt.

For her performances so far, she has been awarded ‘Kala Ratna’ in December 2017. With her spectacular performances, she is sure to be blessed with more awards and accolades.

Some of her achievements and accolades other than in dance include being awarded as the “Student of the Year” in 2013, bagging the Best Public Speaker at Prerna Awards, winning the “Elite Award” in language Perfect World Championship in 2017 and being elected as a member of the students council in her school.

She has also represented her Badminton school team at the Athletic conference of Singapore International schools (ACSIS) tournaments and has bagged 2 gold medals in past 2 years. She has also been a part of the comedy play “Salo ki Palo” at Maharashtra Mandal Ganesh event.

With such dashing spirit and energy, Ishita feels proud representing her birth country. She strives to be a wonderful dancer and spread the importance of dance throughout the world with her remarkable performances in future.