A Helping Hand In Times Of The Pandemic

Text: Tejasri Bathina

Covid-19 has been one of the big pandemics the world has ever experienced, which brought many changes in the lives of many people. Everybody suffered some way or the other due to this pandemic. Right from big industries to small markets have suffered huge losses for the past one year. Till now there have been thousands of deaths in our country and still people are getting admitted in hospitals by leaving their loved ones alone at home. Current pandemic has hit all sections of the society irrespective of cast, creed or religion. But through some means many people are getting helping hand for survival from Government or NGOs but the artists are unable to attract the generosity of helping hands. The Dance India has taken initiative and given a call to all sections of the society with a slogan ‘Save our Artists’, to help the needy artists .

In support of ‘Save Our Artists’ campaign, Yamuna Srinidhi, Internationally acclaimed Bharathanatyam Dancer, well known Movie & Television Actor generously donated to the needy folk dance artists of Sira Taluk in Karnataka. We The Dance India feel contented for this great initiative. Hope by this will be inspire some generous hearts around us to come forward and aid at-least a few needy artists.

By giving donations with a hope that they reach government but inturn government never think about the welfare of Arts, culture and the Artist who are poorest of poor of our society.

Use hashtag “ Saveourartists ” by which we can spread this campaign to reach the government .