Sadhashi Bhaskaran’s performed a Bharatanatyam recital on the 25th March, 2018 at Bharatakalanjali, Adyar with good stage presence and matured expressive delineation. Immaculate sense of rhythm and consummate understanding of the Bhaava, Raaga, and Taala made, this Bharatanatyam artiste stood as a unique performer. The beautiful Bharatakalanjali arena enhanced the quality and enjoyment of an intimate performance. The program commenced with traditional “Alarippu” in Rupakam.

Bharatanatyam artist Ms. Bhaskaran during a performance

Sadhashi chose an evocative song of Tulsi das set to tune by Professor C.V.Chandrasekhar in Kalavathiraag on Ganapathi. The thrilling experience of watching the marvellous choreography of The Dhananjayans-Bhaarati’s ‘Maathaaparaashakti’ in Raagamaalika, symbolized as Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi extolled the significance of nature for knowledge, wealth and sustenance.

The long Nrityopahaaram in place of the usual ‘Varnam’ gave ample scope for Sadhashi to expose her innate and in depth talent in all aspects of Bharatanaatyam. Her musical involvement and literary passion were quite evident watching her enthusiastic performance. 

Swathi thirunal’s Hindi Padam “Chaliye” in Brindavana saaranga brought out the Sringaara abhinaya of Sadhashi to the fore. Nrittaangahaaram in the Raaga Nagaswaraavali a very beautiful musical composition of Veena vidwan B.Kannan of Nrityodaya, dance composed by C.P.Satyajith (who also conducted the full program) was yet another challenging repertoire for Sadhashi to excel.

The vocal support by Radhika – a new entrant in Bharatanaatyam arena was refreshingly beautiful to listen. Perfect alignment of ‘sruti and laya’ made her deep voice mellifluous.  Vineeth Venugopal played Mridangam without missing a beat of the complicated ‘Jathis’ and ‘theermaanams’. Violin was played by Durga, who followed the vocalist explicitly proving that many rehearsals have gone into their final presentation.

The aesthetically decorated, filled hall of Bharatakalanjali definitely gave lot energy to the performers and the audience to be mesmerised.