The 5th Annual Nritya Vaibhavam of Sri Krishna Kala Mandir

Lighting of the lamp by BR. Vikram Kumar, Editor-in- Chief of The Dance India Magazine

Sri Krishna Kala Mandir is a renowned dance school in Vishakhapatnam which instructs students on Melattur style of Bharathnatyam under the guidance of S Adithyasri, who hails from Vellore. The school recently celebrated its 5th annual day – ‘Sanskriti – Nritya Vaibhavam’ in Steel Club, Ukkunagaram, Visakhapatnam.

The program commenced with lighting the lamp by BR Vikram Kumar, Editor-in-Chief of The Dance India Magazine. He was accompanied by G Gayathri and S Adithyasri, both of whom head the respective branches of Sri Krishna Kala Mandir in Vellore and Vishakhapatnam respectively.

The dance performances commenced with academy students who performed on ‘Pushpanjali’ to invoke the presence of lord by offering flowers. The next one was ‘Mahaganapathim’ – a Kriti adoring Lord Vinayaka to invoke his blessings for a successful project accomplishment of the project followed by Ganapathi Kauthuvam.

While the senior students of the school  performed on ballet  ‘Sadangita’ a Shambhu Natanam which is on Lord Nataraja, the junior students of the class performed on ‘Alaripu’ which was followed by Jathiswaram – in ragam Vasantha- which pertains to a garland of swaras for the Lord Nataraja.

Performance of Bharatanatyam by the Academy students

Also, some other senior students performed on ‘Dashavatharam’ – pertaining to ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. Consequently, they performed ‘bho shambho’ – which is more of a rhythm for the dance of creation and destruction. This was followed by Nrithyam on Murugan Shabdham on Raga Malika wherein the Abhinaya (or expressions) are introduced for the first time in a recital. Needless to say, the emphasis being on Abhinaya, Shabdam is not a Nritta-piece.

The students also performed on ‘Alaipaythey Kanna’, which is for Lord Krishna; an apt for the name of the dance school which has trained more than 1000 students across two cities in the country. This was followed by ‘Aigiri nandini’ and ‘Shivashtakam’ which is for Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva respectively.

One of the most applauded performances for the show was ‘Jaya janardhana’ which showcased the Little Krishnas and Little Gopikas of Sri Krishna Kala Mandir. The final performance was ‘Thillana’ which concluded the successful program in Ragam Brindavani. The vocalist for the show was Mr Shyam Neeladri Rao – who was amazing in his spectacular voice. The Violin and Mridangam were performed by Mr Shyam Kumar and Mr Yedukondalu respectively. The Nattuvangam was by Guru Sathyabhama  Mrs S Adithyasri.