The Royal Dance Retreat at Rajasthan

Amalgamation of Kathak _ Rajasthani dance forms at Royal Dance Retreat at Rajasthan

An extravagant show of  Dance and Culture was organized  at one of the most fascinating and legendary Fort Pachewar, near Jaipur – the historic residence of the Royal Rathod family, and one of Rajasthan’s oldest Rajput families. Students from Italy, Lebanon attended this retreat and they got the opportunity to learn from some of India’s most fascinating dancers and masters like Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Kathak exponent and choreographer Anurekha Ghosh, the colorful Rajasthani gypsy dances  Sayari Sapera, and meditation and yoga and Sufi dances with the International Teacher Maya Devi and Bollywood dance with the Indian Choreographer and dancer George Jacob

The retreat started with a visit to exquisite Taj Mahal, one of the jewels of India and the ancient Amber Fort.  The participants got intensive training in these various forms of dance from these international acclaimed masters over a span of 50 hours in 10 days of the event.

Kathak Dancers performing at Royal Dance Retreat, Rajasthan_edited
Maya Devi (Italy) is Yoga Teacher and a Sufi Dancer

The participants had a chance to explore the magnificent beauty of Rajasthan, the colors and scents of the local bazaars and markets, the splendor of Fort and Haveli, and the charm of the Rose City “Jaipur” and Amber Fort.  This retreat turned out to be an enchanting royal experience discovering  India in a unique and unforgettable way.  Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the participants enjoyed rural culture, the old traditions, witnessed the costumes, experiencing the richer hospitality and the richer environment of Rajasthan.

This retreat event was organized by Maya Devi- (Italy/India) Master teacher of Yoga, Sufi dance, Rajasthani Dance & Kalabeliya and Flamenco dance and has been working for years with

Nomadic cultures and dances from GIPSY ROUTES from India to Andalusia.  She is also a spiritual researcher and teacher of Tantric yoga.  She has been traveling to India since 1996 and has lived in northern India for over an year. Maya organizes India Dance Tour annually since 2007, with visiting India with groups at least twice a year. She has been disciple of Sua Devi, Gulabo Sapera, Sayari Sapera, Anuj Mishra and Anurekha Ghosh for Kathak and George Jacob for Bollywood dance.