An exquisite Tribal melody fest!

Giridhar Gamang, a folk music exponent, a senior politician and a former Chief Minister of Odisha, inaugurated the Tribal Music Festival, 2018 celebrations organised by School of Wonder Kids at Kalabharathi Auditorium, Visakhapatnam. The audience were mesmerised by the performance of Mr. Giridhar playing various tribal musical instruments as a Jugalbandi synchronising to the tunes of Shehanai.

He then entertained the audience by playing melodious tunes with different tribal instruments while few folks danced to the tunes were performed by his troupe. Being an octogenarian, he could enrich the extinct tribal art form of music. It was a picturesque perfect act of producing sound from various tribal music instruments.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Mr. Gamang said that “India is rich in heritage and culture with numerous art forms like classical, contemporary, folk, tribal, and many more.” “It is the only country which is well diversified and also rich in brilliant talented personalities. And, it is our duty to recognise one’s own abilities and interests”. He also shared his goal of promoting the ‘art and culture’ of the country and aims to identify people with such attributes and bring them onto the lime light.

Mr. Giridhar also articulated that he wishes to bring revolution in ‘Music and Dance’ at his home state, Odisha and also mentioned that music is not confined to entertain the public, to enjoy self or to earn money. He added “There should be dedicated involvement, development in the music, and focused enchanting of music.” He stated that music is something which is environmentally connected to all. Therefore, he aspires to uplift the culture which is hidden in every nuke and corner of the country.